Pachamama Sailing Adventure

May 19, 2013     11:00 AM | Sunday

Pachamama Sailing Adventure: A Day of Maritime Merriment

Come sail away with your devoted Pachamama crew on a hands-on sailing adventure on May 19th from 11am - 4:30pm and help us reach our fundraising goal of $8,000. Venture with us across the legendary San Francisco Bay out to the open sea on the impressive, 82 ft. schooner, Seaward, and connect with the beauty and serenity that is in our own backyard!

We will take a group of 25 eager passengers on a voyage from Sausalito, under the Golden Gate Bridge, out into the open ocean, and back around the picturesque San Francisco Bay (exact route TBD). On this journey, The Pachamama Alliance's Co-Founder/CEO and former sailing champion, Bill Twist, and the Seaward crew will teach you the basics of sailing and give an introduction to racing.

For those of you landlubbers with no sea legs, there are other ways that you can participate, without having to step foot on a boat! You can be a sponsor of a life-changing experience for a group of 12 diverse youth from around the Bay Area by donating to this project. Your gift will provide the opportunity to bring youth who have never been on a boat before on their first sailing adventure. Generation Waking Up Coordinator, Joshua Gorman, will lead an inspirational leadership exercise to help them set their course towards a bright future.

Your hostess, Pachamama's own dynamic landlubber, Christy Yip, will keep you entertained and ensure that your journey is as enjoyable and comfortable as possible, and that all your needs are taken care of!

You can participate in this project two different ways:

Register for permission to come aboard! Your donation will grant you access aboard the Seaward.

  • $250 - Crewmember: You are the core of the sailing team. You might get wet, and you'll get an opportunity to help hoist the sails.
  • $300 - First Mate: You will participate with the crewmembers, but you'll have first choice on where to sit, so you're less likely to get wet.
  • $350 - Watch Captain: You'll get some time on the helm and participate in decisions like which sails to set and how to they should be trimmed.
  • $400 - Navigator: You'll have input on the course we navigate around the bay, and where and when we anchor for lunch.
  • $500 - Commodore: You don't have to do any work unless you want to, bottomless mimosas, and you get to decide how to allocate libations to the crew. You also get to wear the Limited Edition Pachamama Yacht Captain Hat, and you'll receive a framed photo of you on the boat.

Donate to sponsor youth to join us on the adventure!

A donation of any amount will go towards bringing aboard a group of diverse young people who have never stepped foot on a boat before on their first sailing adventure.

Get in quickly because this will sell out! Register or make your gift now to make your gift count towards our goal of raising $8,000. Thank you for your support on this amazing adventure!


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